Face Expression Changing Puzzle


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1. The Blocks toy is suitable for 3-12 kids and is a great interactive game toy. Kids take one card and build the blocks according to the reference. The one takes the shortest time wins.
2. The block puzzle toy has four colors blocks. Each side of the blocks has a different cartoon expressions and there are 64 cute emoticons on the directive cards. It looks very interesting so it can quickly arouse your child's interest.
3. The expression block toy has a cute and fun appearance so children will quickly concentrate on and enjoy this toy. It stimulates children's attention and enhances their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, hands-on ability and fine motor skills.
4. The sturdy packaging box makes this toy portable. Kids can play with their family members as well as their school classmates. This game promotes children's interpersonal skills and deepens friendships between children.
5. The toy box and cards are cartoonish and childish, perfect as children gift. The box is designed with thoughtful grooves for children to pick up the cube blocks, which is easy to store easy to carry. No doubt, kids will love this gift.

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