About Us

Welcome to EducationAid: Toys Island!

toysIsland.com is an online platform aiming to develop sustainable learning strategies for the young learners of our country by altering the traditional education system. We do research, design activities, and tools, and initiate different learning campaigns for kids both on online and offline platforms. 

Our vision is to create a community where kids will develop the functionality of their brain and will boost up their experimental learnings through play and different engaging activities. Towards achieving that vision, our team tirelessly working on making creative content for kids, designing engaging activities, and importing multiple tools and toys for kids which directly impacts their learning experiences in a positive way.

We believe that our traditional education system and existing pedagogy are not competent enough to support the early childhood development of our children and therefore, we aim to support our next generations by establishing a well-equipped learning model named “Learning through play” and to help Bangladesh achieve the outcomes suggested by SDG 4.

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